Finally, a proven

way to decarbonize rail operations:

Direct Air Capture.

Railroads account for approximately 2.1 percent of all transport-related greenhouse gas emissions. Now you can take rail transport 100 percent carbon-neutral with 1PointFive. And you can start today.

Unlike point-source emitters, where a particular CO  reduction technology or process can be focused on a single component, the widespread distribution of rail infrastructure has made it difficult to decarbonize operations. But now 1PointFive is giving rail transporters a practical, proven way to take operations carbon-neutral.



The only licensed provider of Carbon Engineering’s proprietary direct air capture technology, 1PointFive can help you do your part to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050. Direct Air Capture offsets let you negate CO2 emissions permanently, or enable negative-emissions operation at any scale. All in a way that’s safe, sustainable, permanent and regulated by the U.S. EPA.

CO  Offsets via DAC 1

Our DAC 1 facility, currently under development in the Permian Basin, will be able to capture and sequester 1 million metric tons of atmospheric carbon annually. That’s the equivalent of 40 million trees. Scheduled for completion in 2025, we’re currently inviting rail operators to reserve capacity from DAC 1 in advance of the facility’s commissioning.

By purchasing DAC 1’s capture and sequestration capacity as an offset to your company’s CO2 emissions, DAC 1 will remove enough atmospheric

CO2 to bring your operation carbon-neutral—or

even negative.


  • Strong complement to other efforts such as fuel-efficient locomotives, fuel-management, zero-emission cranes and other advances

  • Practical way to take entirety of fleet operations carbon-neutral

  • Regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • Permanent capture and storage via DAC and geologic storage

  • Supports creation of a true circular economy

  • Only technology that can help us all reach our 1.5 degree Celsius objective


1PointFive’s direct air capture operations use Carbon Engineering's proven technology. And they are already positioned to make a difference for some of the world’s leading corporations. Now, with our DAC 1 facility coming online, your rail operation has a chance to make a difference—while making history with this leading edge carbon removal opportunity.


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While 1PointFive Direct Air Capture can scale to any commercial need, 1PointFive’s new DAC 1 facility has finite capacity and will be 100 percent reserved at 500,000 metric tons per year.