for Change

Oxy Low Carbon Ventures and Rusheen Capital have come together to drive change and jumpstart the Direct Air Capture industry around the world. By implementing Carbon Engineering's DAC facilities in the United States at scale, we intend to showcase the critical role this technology can play in reducing the global carbon footprint.  

About Oxy Low Carbon Ventures

For 40 years, Occidental has been a leading carbon manager—storing 20 million tons of CO2 annually as part of its everyday operations through a process known as Enhanced Oil Recovery. Many operators, scientists and policymakers alike now realize the huge potential of this process to reduce the human-made CO2 emissions associated with oil production.

Occidental's Low Carbon Ventures team is leading the effort to source human-made CO
2 for production and is advancing other leading edge, low-carbon technologies that offer practical business solutions. 

About Rusheen Capital Management

Based in Santa Monica, CA, the principals of this private equity firm and commercialization vehicle have a long and successful track record in commercialization and project development for sustainable technologies.


Their goal is to create a carbon-to-value economy where sustainable companies can grow and contribute to a low-carbon future. With involvement and investments in Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), renewables, biofuels and water sustainability, Rusheen is focused on decarbonization, resource efficiency and leveraging waste streams as new resources.

Leadership Team

Richard Jackson


Richard is the General Manager of Occidental's EOR and Oxy Low Carbon Ventures. During his 16 year tenure with Occidental, Richard has held roles including SVP, Operations; VP, Investor Relations; GM for Permian Resources; and VP Drilling Americas. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Richard holds a BS in Engineering.

Jim McDermott


Jim is a Founding Partner of Rusheen Capital Management and Founder and Executive Chairman of Fulcrum BioEnergy. Over the years, Jim has co-founded and invested in over 25 companies including, NanoH2O, Moleaer, Carbon Engineering and US Renewables Group. He serves on the boards of Carbon Engineering and Fulcrum BioEnergy and holds an MBA from UCLA and a BA from Colorado College. 

Jeff Green


Jeff is a Founding Partner of Rusheen Capital Management and the Founder, CEO and Chairman of NanoH2O. Jeff has co-founded and invested in 5 other companies including, Moleaer and Carbon Engineering. He serves on the boards of Moleaer and C4-MCP, and holds an MBA from UCLA and a BA from Dartmouth College.

Rick Callahan


With over 40 years' experience in operations, planning and development for Occidental and other upstream companies, Rick is currently the SVP of Operations for Oxy Low Carbon Ventures. He holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Duke University. 

Ben Stone


Ben has 15 years' experience in renewable energy and infrastructure investing and finance with US Renewables Group and HSBC. He holds a BA in Economics from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA from UCLA. 

Scott Willis

Commercial Development

Currently VP of Commercial Development with Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, Scott has over 30 years' experience in plant O&M and management for oil, gas and chemicals projects with Occidental, ADNOC and Dolphin Energy. Scott holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas. 

Dr. Robert Zeller


Rob has over 30 years' experience in technology leadership with a focus on Chlor-Alkali, VCM, PVC and other specialty chemicals. He currently serves as Oxy Low Carbon Ventures' VP of Technology and holds a BS & MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Akron and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Case Western University. 

David Schulte


David has over 25 years' experience in plant design, operations and management for projects in oil, gas and chemicals with Occidental and Fluor. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from UCLA. 

Anthony Cottone

Business Development

Anthony is the Senior Director of Strategy Development for Oxy Low Carbon Ventures and has 13 years in investor relations and energy finance at Occidental and Macquarie Capital. He holds a BBA in Finance from Emory University and an MBA from Columbia.