Our first Direct Air Capture (DAC) facility is currently under construction in Ector County, TX. Once complete this facility is expected to be the largest Direct Air Capture facility in the world. It is designed to capture 500,000 tonnes of CO2 per year and is expected to be commercially operational in mid-2025.

Rendering of Stratos Direct Air Capture Plant

Artist Rendering

Capturing CO2 and storing it securely underground

At this facility we plan to capture CO2 directly from the atmosphere which can then be safely and securely stored deep underground or could be used to produce low carbon products.

STRATOS will have the ability to store CO2 in saline formations, which creates a carbon removal credit that businesses can purchase to address their emissions. 1PointFive has applied for a UIC Class VI permit for geologic sequestration and once approved the sequestration operations will be performed under an EPA-approved monitoring reporting and verification (MRV) program.

STRATOS and future Direct Air Capture facilities are expected to provide a practical climate solution that hard-to-decarbonize industries can use to help address their emissions.

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