Direct Air Capture Applications

1PointFive is committed to providing large-scale, secure and verified carbon removal at the highest standards of transparency and integrity.

Each tonne of CO₂ removed from the atmosphere by 1PointFive will generate a carbon removal credit quantified based on the net lifecycle emissions required to remove that tonne of CO₂, inclusive of upstream energy emissions.

Each carbon removal credit will be verified by a third party and uniquely attributed to only one end-use or service. Carbon removal attributes will be claimed and retired once for each tonne of CO₂ removed.

Carbon dioxide removed by 1PointFive Direct Air Capture facilities can be used by our customers for a range of applications, from compliance programs such as generating credits in the California LCFS, to use as a feedstock for CO₂ conversion to net-zero products.

All secure CO₂ sequestration will have rigorous monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) requirements approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Read more about the EPA’s rules and requirements for monitoring, reporting and verification of geologic CO₂ sequestration operations.