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1PointFive is a carbon capture, utilization and storage company focused on reducing atmospheric CO2. 1PointFive’s purpose is to support worldwide decarbonization to curb global temperature rise to 1.5°C in alignment with global targets.

1PointFive is developing projects for Direct Air Capture, Point Source Capture, Geologic Sequestration and CO2-to-Fuel Synthesis. 1PointFive’s operations provide a portfolio of solutions to organizations seeking to reduce their emissions through high integrity carbon capture and sequestration with multiple options on CO2-derived fuels.

Quotes From Leadership

Mike Avery, President 1PointFive

"We're proud to partner with Airbus on an enormous opportunity to help the aviation industry and other hard-to-abate sectors decarbonize, Direct Air Capture will be a scalable, practical solution that aerospace pioneers like Airbus can integrate into their decarbonization roadmaps to contribute to climate action.”

“We are committed to delivering large-scale DAC solutions to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. We believe our deployment approach and partnership with Carbon Engineering will support rapid, global deployment of DAC facilities to meet the urgency of the climate challenge and growing customer demand for DAC-enabled net-zero solutions.”