Our Mission is Negative Emissions

By commercializing Carbon Engineering’s Direct Air Capture technology alongside geologic sequestration, 1PointFive aims to accelerate the CO2 utilization industry to enable the creation of low-carbon products, at an industrial scale.

Helping tackle climate change through Carbon Removal & Storage

1PointFive was formed to help curb the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C by commercializing technologies with the potential to help CO2 emitters address their emissions at an industrial-scale. Our vision is to create a low-carbon economy where CO2 is used as a resource to create new low-carbon products.

A Comprehensive Solution

1PointFive is developing technologies that work together to help companies achieve their climate targets.

A Comprehensive Solution Graphic - Flow of CO2 from Direct Air Capture facilities powered with zero-emission power to Sequestration and CO2 to Fuel Synthesis to proved Carbon as Feedstock and Low-Carbon Diesel and Jet Fuels