Direct Air Capture rendering

Our Mission is Negative Emissions

By commercializing Carbon Engineering’s Direct Air Capture technology alongside geologic sequestration, 1PointFive aims to accelerate the CO2 utilization industry to enable the creation of low-carbon products, at an industrial scale.

Helping tackle climate change through Carbon Removal & Storage

1PointFive was formed to help curb the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C by commercializing technologies with the potential to help CO2 emitters address their emissions at an industrial-scale. Our vision is to create a low-carbon economy where CO2 is used as a resource to create new low-carbon products.

A Comprehensive Solution

1PointFive is developing technologies that work together to help companies achieve their climate targets.

A Comprehensive Solution Graphic - Flow of CO2 from Direct Air Capture facilities powered with zero-emission power to Sequestration and CO2 to Fuel Synthesis to proved Carbon as Feedstock and Low-Carbon Diesel and Jet Fuels