Our Mission is Negative Emissions


the change. 

1PointFive was formed to curb the rise in global temperatures by commercializing Carbon Engineering's Direct Air Capture facilities at an industrial-scale. Our mission is to become the leading developer of DAC facilities worldwide.

This means jumpstarting the growth of the Direct Air Capture industry, as well as a carbon-to-value economy,
in which CO
2 is captured for sequestration or utilized as
a valuable resource for generating carbon-neutral fuels, plastics and more.

We are leading an initiative to make DAC essential infrastructure that works alongside other innovations in carbon capture, energy efficiency and carbon utilization as a scalable and cost-effective method for climate stabilization.

Our First Large-Scale Plant is Underway

At 1PointFive, we are committed to reaching climate stabilization targets through rapid deployment of this critical technology. That’s why Carbon Engineering
and 1PointFive are engineering the largest Direct Air Capture facility in the world—eventually expected to capture one million tons of CO
2 each year. Project development is in progress, and this first-of-its kind facility will be in full operation in the next several years.


Technology by Carbon Engineering

2050 Targets

IPCC Pathways Based on
Speed of Emissions Reduction

Direct Air Capture will be critical in achieving climate stabilization and limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Why? Because all IPCC pathways that limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2050 include CO2 removal from the atmosphere—with up to 20 billion tonnes per year of atmospheric CO2 removal necessary to achieve that target. That means we must remove CO2 from the atmosphere at a rate of up to half of current total global emissions.

IPCC Pathways Based on Speed of Emission

Net Gigatonnes of CO2

The Single Largest Infrastructure Opportunity of the 21st Century

There are various technologies and strategies available to capture CO2 from the air, but only DAC + Sequestration (DAC+S) delivers the speed, scalability, cost and permanence required to remove 20 billion tons per year of CO2 from the atmosphere within the next thirty years. 

Deploying DAC+S will allow us to capture and permanently store CO2 much more quickly than natural processes, with the added benefit of a smaller footprint and nearly infinite scalability. 


Direct Air Capture will be critical and integral to global emissions reduction strategies in the years to come, with thousands of facilities worldwide supporting long-term climate stabilization.