Geologic Sequestration

1PointFive puts carbon in its
through the safe, permanent underground storage of captured CO

1PointFive’s goal is to build dedicated geologic sequestration hubs worldwide, giving emitters a responsible, scalable method of managing CO₂. These centralized facilities will store captured CO₂ from DAC facilities and industrial emitters.

Geologic sequestration is a safe, regulated and permanent way to store captured CO₂. After the CO₂ has been captured, transported, separated, treated and compressed, geologic sequestration is a straightforward process that 1PointFive handles from start to finish.


Using a U.S. EPA-approved Class VI CO₂ injection well, compressed liquid CO₂ is injected more than a mile underground into the reservoir rock.


The CO₂ becomes trapped within this reservoir beneath an impermeable cap rock that locks the CO₂ underground permanently.


Geologically sequestered CO₂ is designed to be safe by deploying an EPA-regulated Monitoring, Reporting and Verification program.

Scalable Sequestration Hubs

1PointFive aims to deploy a hub-based model allowing access to a shared carbon storage infrastructure which seeks to streamline the practical management of captured CO₂. Our goal is for each hub to have the capacity to sequester at least 3,000,000 tonnes of CO₂ annually and include: 


  • CO₂ pipeline connections that bring captured CO₂ from industrial sources

  • A CO₂ treating facility that separates and compresses the CO₂ into a supercritical fluid, preparing it for injection

  • Three or more Class VI CO₂ injection wells meeting EPA construction, operation and recordkeeping requirements

  • Multiple monitoring wells focused on tracking downhole CO₂ and monitoring groundwater 


1PointFive is currently assessing a number of potential sequestration hubs in several different regions of the United States, in proximity to existing emissions sources as well as suitable transportation infrastructure and geology. Our first hubs are planned for the U.S. Gulf Coast Region. Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest project updates. 

Comprehensive CCUS Solutions

Geologic sequestration is just one part of 1PointFive’s vision for enabling CO₂ emitters to put carbon is in its place to limit global temperature rise. Learn more about how 1PointFive’s solutions work together to help give organizations a practical pathway to their CO2 reduction goals.